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Rehoboth is one of Chennai’s best rehabilitation centres for de-addiction, psychological well-being and healing because of our internationally-aligned, innovative and state-of-the-art programs that are individualized for each person approaching us. The clinic is government licensed free de-addiction centre. Rehoboth has its own proprietary programme that has Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Nutrition based Rejuvenation, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Evidence based Alternative Healing Therapies.

We are strongly committed to maintaining the best rehabilitation centre standards to help every patient with any kind of dependence (such as alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, all types of drug addiction and process limited addiction such as gambling addiction, gaming addiction and food addiction) and psychological health concerns (such as anxiety symptoms, depression, personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, eating disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorders).

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

-Theodore Roosevelt

Specialised Treatments
at Rehoboth Centre

Rehoboth Centre Located in Villivakkam Chennai was established for treatment of number of addiction problems including addiction to harmful substances that has over the years become widespread in our Country.  We treat patient with natural and efficient ways of treatment. We first try to understand the problem of the patient, thereafter we find out the best treatment method that will suit him or her without any possible side effects after which we slowly observe, monitor, control, and operate the treatment environment of the entitled addict till he or she recovers completely post which we discharge them.  Some of the de-addiction services that we specialise in are:

Alcohol Deaddiction

Screen addiction

Drug Deaddiction

Psychological Disorders

Gambling habits

SEX addiction

Gaming addiction

Mental Health service

Why Rehobth De-Addiction Centre?

Holistic & Scientific

High Quality treatment at Reasonable Pricing

Privacy &

Exhaustive range of

Experienced counsellors, therapists and Medical Staff

15yrs of

Government licensed free de-addiction centre

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De-addiction & Rehab Centre

The Facility

At our Government licensed free de-addiction centre Villivakkam campus we ensure that you are in an environment that allows you to become healthy and free of addiction. With facilities and amenities available at our campus, you will be sure to find not only the healthy comfortable environment but will be exposed to activities that will lead to be healthier much faster than you may have imagined and would help you in leading a more fulfilling life.

Go ahead take a tour, talk and meet up with our experts to get the first hand comforting feel of the facilities that will be at your disposal on the road to recovery.

Client Testimonials

REHOBOTH De-addiction & Rehab centre has helped me in my recovery immensely. Drugs were a major part of my life and this place has helped me start a new lifestyle. The food is amazing and the staff are very knowledgeable about the disease of addiction. Any special needs and requirements are provided to you. You are allowed to take the program at your own pace and the counsellors are more than helpful at walking you through the program and answering any questions about it. Highly recommended.


I have been given a second chance thanks to the REHOBOTH De-addiction & Rehab Centre, and I’m forever grateful.


My experience was life changing and helped me to live life in peaceful & healthy manner. Food and facilities are awesome. 5 stars to REHOBOTH team. I would definitely recommend the centre for any kind of de-addiction & Rehabilitation program

Devanand S

I am thankful to entire team members of REHOBOTH Centre for helping me to get rid of alcohol addiction. The team is one of the best team in Chennai & their treatment helped me in quitting drinking. Thank you so much.

Ravi Sankar

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Yes, one can get the best treatment for Alcohol & drug addiction in our Villivakkam Centre. We have a professional team of counsellors, psychologists, therapists and a team of medical panel who are there to look after all the patients in the best possible way.

    As a policy our Organisation ensures confidentiality of all our patients. No information is given to any outsider or family members without the consent of the patient. We value the privacy and confidentiality of our clients ensuring we take outmost care in protecting their information, identities and personal security while in treatment.

    Medications are sometimes necessary as pills help to control the effect of drugs/alcohol on the brain and other body parts. Medications are given as prescribed by the doctor and withdrawal symptoms are also managed by our team.  

    It’s very simple and easy. Drop in a message /WhatsApp or Call us.  Our representatives will get in touch with you and explain the entire process. Our team would be there to guide you in every possible way.

    Family counselling is also very important and thus we ensure that the family member/spouse of the patient also gets to take part in treatment. Please note weekly therapy sessions are given to the co-dependent family members to make sure that the family members also go back to their normal lives.

    We provide complete holistic treatment in our centre. Proper counselling session, psychotherapy sessions and activities are carried out on regular basis. However, there is no specific time of recovery. It depends on how the patient is reciprocating to our treatment and also how the patient is adjusting to all the required changes.

    We operate a centre in Thirumullaivoyal under the brand name Corner stone. Our founder Mr. Richard Daniel is one of the leading names in Industry. Corner stone is government licensed free-deaddiction centre.